Screw Cap Tester


  1. Place on level sturdy bench.
  2. Check control switch is in the off position and connect to clean and dry air supply.
  3. Check gauge on side is reading maximum of 4 Bar.
  4. Fill top tank with water allowing enough room for water displacement when testing bottle.
Tester is now ready for use.
  1. Connect test hose inside tester to the bottle.
  2. Close lid and fasten latch. (Bottle cannot be pressurized with lid open)
  3. Using thumbscrew supplied zero red max pressure indicators on large gauge.
  4. Whilst watching bottle through window for leaks turn control switch to the PRESSURE position.
  5. If bottle leaks immediately turn control switch to the OFF/HOLD position.
  6. Record reading of maximum pressure obtained
  7. Turn control switch to the RELEASE position to exhaust air from bottle.
Remove bottle from tester. You are now ready to perform another test.
Please also note the following:
  1. There is a pressure regulator located under the base of the unit. This should never need to be adjusted. If maximum pressure of 400 Kpa cannot be obtained please consult supervisor.
  2. There is a flow restrictor on the bottle test line, which enables the pressure in the bottle to increase slowly. If the pressure build up is too slow or too fast please consult your supervisor.
  3. For any other concerns please consult the manufacturer.
  4. If unit is damaged in any way please consult maintenance staff or manufacturer before using.
  5. Always use appropriate safety equipment.