Chicken Feeders

Henstock Technologies make a lot of different bird and chicken feeders, ring 08 8389 5522, or email here to enquire about our range. Watch this space for more information. 

All our bird feeders are made with feed saver lips.


Chiken Feeder Hopper 24 inchChiken Feeder Hopper 15 inchChiken Feeder Hopper 12 inch

Chicken Feeder Hopper 24"

Part Number: SPLCH24"

Height: 69cm, Diameter: 36cm

Weight: 3.5 kgs

Chicken Feeder Hopper 15"

Part Number: SPLCH15"

Height: 49cm, Diameter: 36cm

Weight: 2.5 kgs

Chicken Feeder Hopper 12"

Part Number: SPLCH12"

Height: 42cm, Diameter: 36cm

 Weight: 2.5 kgs

Chiken Feeder Hanging Jumbo 16"Chiken Feeder Hopper HangingChiken Feeder Hopper 9 inch

Hanging Jumbo 16"

Part Number: SPLHJ16"

Height: 52cm, Diameter: 46cm

Weight: 4 kgs


Hanging Chicken Hopper 12"

Part Number: SPLHCH12"

Height: 42cm, Diameter: 36cm

Weight: 2.5 kgs

(stand not included)

Chicken Feeder Hopper 9"

Part Number: SPLCH9"

Height: 34cm, Diameter: 36cm

 Weight: 2 kgs

(Also avaliable as 'Hanging')

Chicken Feeder Drinker 11LChicken Feeder Drinker 2LChicken Feeder Stand

11L Bottle Drinker

Part Number: SPLBD11 Litre

Height: 48cm, Diameter: 36cm

Weight: 1 kgs (bottle not included)


2L Bottle Drinker

Part Number: SPLBD02 Litre

Height: 37cm, Diameter: 23cm

Weight: 0.5 kgs (bottle not included)


Hopper Stand

Part Number: SPLHS

Height: 16cm, Diameter: 36cm

 Weight: 2.5 kgs

Galvanized & Riveted