Bottle Pressure Tester


Cork Bottle Pressure TesterOur Bottle Pressure Tester measures the Vacuum/Pressure under the cork during the bottling process. Manufactured from stainless steel and anodised aluminium, its unique design minimises down time when changing to a different bottle size. An easily adjustable bottle support combined with the supplied spacers allows for a bottle height ranging from 205mm to 525mm. The self centring chuck allows for Diameters from 53mm to 110mm.

The pressure tester can be supplied with an optional Neck Location Guide . This eliminates the need for a self-centering chuck. The neck location guide locates below the bottle flange and is suitable for any bottle with a standard neck diameter. The Bottle Pressure Tester is supplied with a standard compound gauge. Various gauge ranges can be supplied to suit specific requirements.
Digital gauges can be supplied with 4-20 milli-volt outputs.